Vodafone "Abolishes" Line Rental for Broadband Services

By James O Malley on at

Vodafone has today announced that it is dumping the extra cost for line rental when you get BT Broadband. You'll still get a landline if you go for the company's fibre broadband, but it'll effectively be free.

The company now reckons that its Unlimited Fibre Broadband 38 is the cheapest unlimited fibre broadband in the UK - and it claims that if you go for Unlimited Fibre 76, you can save £349 over 18 months compared to the equivalent from Sky, and £332 versus the equivalent from BT.

Of course, in reality the reasons for this change are slightly more complex. Rather than abolish the landline fee, it is effectively being combined with the cost of broadband. This is to keep both the telecoms regulator Ofcom and the Advertising Standards Authority happy - both agencies are keen for broadband pricing to become more transparent, so that the price quoted in the TV ads is the same as the price you see on your bill.

At the moment, broadband prices in advertising tend to only quote for the cost of broadband - and don't include the cost of the landline you need in order to connect.

Presumably BT, Sky and other broadband operators will follow eventually - so whether your broadband is with Vodafone or not, it should ultimately work out well for consumers.