VR Stinks With South Park's Joke Nosulus Rift Headset

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The creators of South Park have only gone and done a funny thing, with their latest joke coming at the expense of VR suckers like me. Teaming up with Ubisoft, they’ve created the dreadful Nosulus Rift, a fart-dispensing headset designed for exclusive use with South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

Get it?

In the game, you have to… I guess save South Park with farts. Sounds about right. Just watch the trailer.

Every time your in-game character trumps, the headset sprays a specially created fragrance called Fart No. 3, described as a mix of cabbage, onions and chorizo. Seriously, there's a 'making of' video too.

Unfortunately, as it’s part of a big stunt, you won’t be able to buy it, but lucky(?) Gamescom attendees can strap their noses in and see just how long they can last. There are bunch of YouTube videos of people trying it out that make for pretty unpleasant viewing.

Top work, but not quite a match for last year's magnificent sponsored content episode.