Watch a Crazy Swede Blow Up Portaloo With Dynamite

By Bryan Menegus on at

The Swedish dynamite channel is everything you’d expect from the name—a place to watch a wacky Swede destroy things with high explosives.

In its three months of existence, the channel has cemented its place in the proud genre of “man with device breaks things,” along with the slingshot guy, the hydraulic press guy, the guy who smashes things between magnets, and that kid who keeps setting his lawn on fire. (The industry sure is becoming crowded!) I can only hope the porta-potty was unused.

Earlier today, this same guy stuffed what he described as “my daughter’s piano” full of dynamite and gave it a similar treatment. Questions abound. Does his daughter know? Was she that bad at music? What is considered normal parenting in Sweden? He writes that it was “one of my luckiest explosions!” which suggests some have been unlucky.

I have concerns.