We've Finally Got Some Solid Details About Star Trek: Discovery

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've known for a while that a new Star Trek TV series is on the way, but aside from a couple of minor details here and there we haven't heard a whole lot about it. That's gone and changed, and about time too.

The biggest news is the timeline of the show, with executive producer Brian Fuller confirming that it will take place after Enterprise but before The Original Series. According to IGN, it'll be about 10 years before Kirk's five-year mission. Don't expect any of the TOS cast to be making cameos in their original roles, though. That would require a lot of very expensive de-ageing CGI.

As for the cast, IGN also says that the main character will be female (with Deadline stating that she will likely be non-white) but she won't be the captain of the USS Discovery. Some have taken this as a sign we might finally be getting a Star Trek series centred around the crew on the lower decks, a bit like the Lower Decks episode of The Next Generation.

Fuller also confirmed that Discovery will feature more aliens than we're used to seeing on Starfleet ships, that there will "absolutely" be a gay character, and that there would be more sex than we're used to on Star Trek. That last point makes it sound like they're making the most of the fact the series will be streaming-only.

Finally Fuller also hinted that Discovery will feature Amanda Grayson, aka Spock's mother, in some capacity. That's not actually confirmed, though. [io9]