What Do YOU Want to See in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

By Gerald Lynch on at

Samsung skipped out on bringing the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to the UK, so it's been a while since we've had a brand new, stylus-focussed handset from the company on these shores. That's all expected to change today with Samsung all-but confirming a UK launch for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 later this afternoon. But what do you want to see from it?

With the iPad Pro proving that Samsung doesn't have the monopoly on a decent digital stylus, and all major phones now approaching that "phablet" screen size that the Note line pioneered, the Note 7 will have its work cut out for it to differentiate itself.

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We've heard word of a fully waterproof design (complete with underwater writing capabilities) a removable battery, a mix of glass and metals in the design, and a 12MP camera. Iris scanning tech could up the security features, while the Samsung Galaxy Edge range's curved screen – at a whopping 5.7-inches – might make the jump to the Note 7 too, with a Snapdragon 823 processor running the show.

Any of that sound good to you? Any key features that the Note line (or smartphones in general, of course) have been crying out for that you'd love to see appear here for the first time? Sign off in the comments below.