Where to Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's got an (S) pen, it's got waterproofing, and it's got that customary giant screen. Samsung's revealed its Galaxy Note 7 which, unlike the Note 5, is actually getting a full release in the UK and Europe from September 2nd. And already the network teases are getting prepared to flog it.

Now, as is customary, the UK networks are all holding out on pricing and tariff details for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. No-one wants to jump the gun too early by revealing how good – or bad – their deals are. But we've got word on who's going to be selling the phone, and when.

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From today, you'll be able to reserve a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 direct from Samsung itself by visiting this link. However, even the manufacturer is keeping schtum over the price.

O2 is opening pre-orders on August 16th, ahead of that September 2nd launch. EE, Vodafone and Three will also begin accepting pre-orders from August 16th, while Carphone Warehouse will also start rolling out its deal packages on the same day. In a nice touch though, all pre-orders will offer up the new Gear VR 2 virtual reality headset as a free gift, too.

We'll update this post once there's some pricing and data deals to go with the pre-order teases. But for now at least you know where to head for an upgrade.