Your Local Inappropriate PokéStop Might Not be Around for Long

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Pokémon Go’s creators have said that they’ll start removing real-world locations that don’t want to be involved in the game, because memorial parks probably aren't the right place for fun and merriment.

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum last month issued a plea for players to stop using its grounds for catching virtual monsters, and has since disappeared from the world of Pokémon Go. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in Japan and the Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C. have submitted similar requests, and Angry Nigel from the creepy cottage up the road can do the same too.

"When something is really popular, we have to figure out the most respectful way to deal with it and make sure that everyone is playing safely and doing things in a respectful manner," said J.C. Smith, The Pokémon Company's consumer marketing director. "There's been so much attention and so many people playing that it's tough to think of all the ways it could affect the world."

Niantic has an online form for exclusion requests, but it’s unclear how quickly any approved changes will take place. [Associated Press]

Image: MegaTechNews