10 Famous Movie Scenes That Actually Just Copied Other Movies

By Casey Chan on at

It’s not really a secret that filmmakers influence other filmmakers or that movies inspire other movies. That’s just how things work.

What’s more interesting is learning the origin story behind famous movie scenes, like how a Nazi propaganda film influenced Star Wars or how The Shining’s Here’s Johnny scene was a carbon copy of a silent Swedish horror film.

Obviously, directors are paying homage to other directors when ‘copying’ these scenes (Tarantino, anyone?) but it’s fun to find out how some iconic moments in film history were just cribbed off some little movie most people never heard of before.

Screen Rant takes a look at 10 movie scenes that borrowed heavily (stole? were influenced by?) from other movies in the video below. It ranges from The Lord of the Rings shouting out The Wizard of Oz to E.T.’s flying bicycle scene being influenced by 1951 film Miracle in Milan and more.