50 Sony Bravia TVs Lose YouTube - Proving One Important Rule for Smart TVs

By James O Malley on at

Bad news if you've got one of 50 models of Sony Bravia from 2012 - you're about to lose access to YouTube.

9to5Google reports that changes in the Google API mean that the YouTube app on Sony's smart TV operating system will no longer be able to access videos - resulting in blank screens or freezing. The same goes for the original Apple TV, which is suffering from the same problem. The problem is apparently that Google's changes "exceed the capabilities of the TV's hardware". This is thought to be a reference to Google now encrypting connections with HTTPS.

The upshot of all of this is further proof of the one rule of buying Smart TVs: Buy a dumb screen, and plug something smart into it.

This is because we upgrade our software and our smaller gadgets much more regularly than we upgrade a massive TV. So rather than lumber yourself with a bunch of smart features that will be useless in three years, it is better to buy the biggest, highest quality screen you can afford - and then buy something clever to plug into it, that you can upgrade more readily.

This way you can buy yourself a new Apple TV, Chromecast or games console every couple of years and still get access to all of the latest apps and software, without having to buy an entire, new expensive screen to go with it.

This, incidentally, is also good news for affected Bravia customers - if they want YouTube back, they can grab a new Chromecast for around £25. Here's the full list of affected TVs, from 9to5Mac: