Adobe's Put the World's Most Terrible Stock Photos on T-shirts

By Gary Cutlack on at

Image manipulation specialist Adobe has made a small pivot toward the clothing world, deciding, quite correctly, that it would be a bit of a laugh to put some terrible stock photos on T-shirts.

Hence the arrival of Adobe Stock Apparel (limited access, for customers only), and the appearance of this:

And this:

It's a really quite lovely idea. It's an idea that's almost certainly been had by someone else at some point, and the amazingness is sullied a bit by it all being an elaborate advert for Adobe's own business stock photography services, but still. Would wear.

The campaign has been assembled by Swedish agency Abby Priest, which wanted to juxtapose the cheesy old business images with Adobe's apparently newer and more exciting database of 50 million corporate photos, a database we can't image doesn't contain at least one photo of a woman shouting into a phone with a wacky expression on her face.

And look, that's what you find when searching Adobe Stock for "business angry" -- the same kind of old rubbish it's supposed to be better than.

Adobe also hosts this baffling series of shots in which someone eventually understands something to do with work and computers. Put that on a t-shirt and save yourselves the licensing fees, Adobe hipsters. [Adobe via TNW]