AI Judges Beauty Contest, Racist Shitstorm Follows

By Gary Cutlack on at

A beauty contest -- that's not at all judgmental and degrading because it was being judged by AIs rather than lecherous old men only there for the swimsuit round -- has found itself in the middle of an extreme modern internet furore, after the selection of AIs chose mostly light-skinned people as the winners across the board.

The contest organised by was judged by five AIs looking for certain things, all with clever acronyms to make it sound proper. There was one called RYNKL which stands for something clever, and was put in charge of looking for people without saggy eyes. PIMPL looked for spotty people and booted them out even if they were cute freckles, MADIS compared facial features with a database compiled from the same racial group, while Symmetry Master and AntiAgeist did some self-explanatory checking too.

But the results were akin to a beauty contest judged by der Fuehrer in a stinking 1940s hotel ballroom, with the deep-learning algorithms learning really quite quickly to be a bit racist. Of the 6,000 people who downloaded the app and submitted selfies and literally asking to be judged, the vast majority of the 44 winners were of the light-skin branches of mankind.

Anastasya Georgievskaya, who's part of Youth Laboratories, the team behind it all that's part funded by Microsoft and Nvidia, said: "Many participants disagreed with the jury and proposed getting a human opinion. But with every contest we are getting more ideas on how to evaluate the human face and even go beyond the face evaluating multiple features of the human body and even social profiles."

So next year it'll be looking for big white tits and people who are popular on Instagram. More good news for rich white people. [ via Stuff]

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