Amazon Echo Has Issues Connecting to BT's Home Hub

By Tom Pritchard on at

Amazon's Echo is now available to buy here in the UK, but there's a slight problem if you get your internet through BT: the Echo has a few issues when trying to connect to a BT Home Hub.

According to theGuardian, people not getting their internet through BT have to spend about two minutes setting up the new device. Unfortunately BT customers have spent hours trying to get their Echos to work properly, only to be left with devices that just plain didn't work. Naturally they've taken to social media to shout at both Amazon and BT.

Thankfully intrepid users have found ways to get around the problem, though they don't come without some fiddling. For some it was as simple as separating the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless networks in the settings menu:

Others were forced to change the connection set-up manually to finish off the set-up:

If those don't work, a more extreme solution is to do the whole connnection process manually and make sure the Echo has a static IP address:

Needless to say, Amazon's attempt to bring it's virtual assistant box to the UK has not gone very well. The site told the Guardian that it's working with BT to try to solve the issues "as quickly as possible" but until then BT customers are going to have to jump through a bunch of hoops. [The Guardian]