Amazon Refreshes Smaller Echo Dot - And Brings it to the UK Too

By James O Malley on at

Amazon has this morning announced that it is launching a new version of the Echo Dot - and is bringing the diminutive device to the UK for the first time.

It follows the news that Amazon is also bringing the full-sized Echo speaker to the UK too.

The dot is a smaller device designed to work with existing sets of speakers - which can offer a higher-end sound quality than the device with the built-in speaker. It can connect via bluetooth or or by a wired connection. Though Amazon's David Limp didn't go into too many specifics, it does sound as though the device's innards have received a significant overhaul.

What's really clever is that the company also claims to have solved the problem of what if the user has multiple devices - one in each room of their house. Using a technology that Amazon has dubbed "Echo Space Perception", it will analyse your voice from each of the devices in your home to figure out what room you're in, and what room to output the response on.

Amusingly, the company also says that it will be selling Dots in 6 or 12 packs - with the 6th, or 11th and 12th devices coming free.

When it launches in the UK, it'll be £49.99 - about 25% more expensive than the $49.99 US price. Perhaps we should ask Alexa about the impact of Brexit?