Amazon Tests In-Home Delivery Drops

By Gary Cutlack on at

How might it do this? By breaking in? Crashing a drone through a window? Ordering Jeremy Clarkson to visit with a spare set of keys? The actual answer will bore you -- the retail giant is testing a system where data from "smart" door lock providers is handed over, so Amazon delivery drivers might pop open your front door to lovingly frisbee your stuff into the hallway. There's no way that process could go wrong at all.

According to The Information, smart/remote/IoT lock companies August Home and Garageio have both been involved in trials with Amazon's US division, where the option of an "in-home delivery" was added to the choices at checkout time. This will then issue a one-use door-opening token to the delivery driver, who'll be able to remotely magic open your doorway when he's outside.

We can't imagine it being hugely popular outside of the little bubble of people who have have jobs at the companies mentioned above, as letting a delivery man into a house that he knows is empty is a surefire way to come home to a massively stained toilet. [The Information via Cnet]

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