Android Wear 2.0's Launch Has Been Delayed Until Next Year

By Tom Pritchard on at

A couple of days ago, Google released a third preview version of Android Wear 2.0. With it came a bunch of interesting new features along with one bit of bad news: the preview is being extended into next year, so we won't be seeing the public release for quite some time.

This is a good thing and a bad thing. Bad because of the wait, naturally, and the fact that the current version of Android Wear is pretty lame. That said, the delay is a good thing since it lets developers spend more time getting acquainted with the new wrist-based OS. Even more so considering the new preview brings a watch version of Google Play into the mix.

That's right, if everything goes according to plan (and Google doesn't ditch the feature), you could be downloading apps to your smartwatch without having to go through your phone. It also means you can have apps on your watch without also having them on your phone, with developers having the option to publish apps for Android Wear while ignoring  Android phones.

That's not all that's coming, though. Also included in the new preview is complications permissions, inline actions, and a UI feature called 'Wearable Recycle View'. That last one lets developers optimise vertical lists for a round watch face. [Google via Slashgear]