Apple's "This is 7" iPhone Tag is a Bit Rude in Cantonese

By Gary Cutlack on at

The internet's found a new way to laugh at Apple today, as the consequences of iPhone 7 Day roll on. This time it concerns the meaningless tagline "This is 7" that Apple's using around the world to promote the device, which has a meaning of an entirely different sort to natives of Hong Kong.

According to Quartz, which translated the Cantonese and Mandarin versions of Apple's dumb slogan "This is 7," it's the the Cantonese version of the phrase that creates the problems, as the word "seven" is pronounced "tsat" -- and is also a local slang term for the penis.

Apparently it's not a particularly rude or offensive term for the male dongle, though, so is perhaps the rough equivalent of Apple saying something like "This is Willie" or somesuch primary school playground nonsense in its global marketing. [Quartz via Cnet]

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