Blame Canada: Tim Hortons is Coming to the UK to Make You Fat

By James O Malley on at

The Canadians are coming! Saddle-up your moose, grab your ice hockey stick and crank up the Shania Twain - our colonial cousins' biggest coffee and donut shop is heading to our shores.

Bloomberg reports that Tim Hortons, which is best known for selling coffee and donuts will be launching in the UK next year, as part of a major international expansion. If you know any Canadians living in Britain, go and tell them now, as they'll suddenly become very, very excited.

The chain is named after ice hockey player Tim Horton, who started the chain in 1964 - it has since expanded to over 4000 branches, and in Canada is even more ubiquitous than McDonalds.

Pic: Ruth Hartnup

The reason for the expansion to our shores is perhaps something to do with the chain recently merging with Burger King to create Restaurant Brands International - presumably the company is hoping to combine Burger King's local UK know-how to tempt UK customers with a new selection of treats. At the moment it isn't known how many branches are planned but Bloomberg quotes CEO Daniel Schwartz as saying that “Our larger competitors have several hundred restaurants in the market,” and adding that “Our plans are quite ambitious.”

So prepare yourself for the Canadian invasion - and cancel that January diet now. [Bloomberg]