China Reveals Disastrous Concrete Restoration for Great Wall

By Gary Cutlack on at

An amazingly baffling and insensitive bit of restoration along China's Great Wall has been revealed, with the new topping along part of the wall resembling the sort of concrete path your dad might have smeared down the middle of the garden in the 1980s.

An image of the work shows that the crumbly old wall now looks like it's been smoothed out with loads of lovely modern cement, creating a thin white road. Admittedly this is great news for wheelchair users, who'll now be able to enjoy rolling along a nice bit of smooth surface rather than battling broken rocks, but... no one else is happy.

The Beijing News has labelled the work "appalling" and said that part of the wall in the province of Liaoning has been "simply destroyed" by the works. Over a mile of the road has been filled in in this manner, with the Beijing Times editorial saying that local authorities blamed a danger to tourists, too much rain and the need for emergency repairs on the shocking bit of rush resurfacing. But that hasn't stopped people accusing the area of committing an act of vandalism on a world treasure. [Telegraph]

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