Chinese Professor Uses Facial Recognition Tech to Work Out How Boring His Lectures Are

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

A lecturer at Sichuan University in China has come up with a slightly left-field and potentially slightly creepy use for facial recognition technology: working out how bored out of their minds he can make his students.

Science professor Wei Xiaoyong, who first started experimenting with facial recognition technology because he kept forgetting to check attendance at the start of lectures, told the Telegraph his device is capable of identifying emotions, and enables him to figure out when they get bored (at the start) and perk up again (at the end).

“When we correlate that kind of information to the way we teach, and we use a timeline, then you will know where you are actually attracting the students’ attention,” Professor Wei said. “Then you can ask whether this is a good way to teach that content? Or if this content is OK for the students in that class?”

He believes the system could be used in wider education, so expect your teacher to be even more trigger-happy with the classic "Would you rather be somewhere else, boy?" than usual in the near future. [Telegraph]

Image: Cybrarian77 via Flickr