Clawed Drone Can Carry Furniture and, Probably, Small Children

By Gary Cutlack on at

This is the PD6B-AW-ARM, and yes, the ARM means it has ARMS. Two arms, with grabbing claws on the end, ideal, they say, for doing harmless outdoor lifting and delivery work.

It's been assembled by Prodrone, which says the idea is to let it: "...carry differently shaped cargo using its arms; to attach or join things; to cut cables; to turn dials; to flick switches; to drop lifesaving buoys; to retrieve hazardous materials, etc." in places like the sky where humans can't easily get.

And this isn't a joke or a complete lie like those companies who say they're delivering food and shopping by drone; Prodrone's really made one and filmed it for the internet:

In its current configuration, the PD6B-AW series can carry cargoes of up to 20kg, which is about the weight of a non-obese three-year-old child. We're not suggesting it might be hacked by a paedophile and used to remotely pull children away from their parents, but the potential is clearly there. [Guardian]

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