Cold Weather and Hot Weather Makes Everyone's Bits Hurt

By Gary Cutlack on at

Researchers looking into how weather patterns match people reporting aches and pains in their bones don't appear to have got the answer they were looking for.

Expecting to see reports of pain fading away as the weather warmed up from spring to summer, what they saw instead was aches starting to dissipate but returning again in June when the weather took a turn for the nice. In short, the commonly held belief that aches and pains start to go away when it's warm is only half true.

The findings were released by the team behind cloudy with a chance of pain, a smartphone-led attempt to see if old people really can tell if it's going to rain because a knee's spasming, or if that "morning stiffness" you experience means something other than you were thinking about lovely pop stars.

They claim to have had 9,000 people using the app to report their physical and mental feelings, and have been sticking all the results up on their site so we can all do a bit of citizen researching with the data. [Cloudy with a chance of pain via BBC]

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