Dangerous Lorries Could be Banned from London to Protect Cyclists

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's mayor is spearheading a plan to boot some of the less well designed HGVs out of London, launching an idea that will see lorries checked for safety -- and the most dangerous models with poor driver visibility banned from the city by 2020.

The key to safe-ing up the roads is Transport for London's Direct Vision Standard, a way of ranking lorries on how much all-round and particularly back-left visibility the driver has of his surroundings from the cab. Lorries will be given a star ranking from 0 to 5, with the plan being -- pending a successful consultancy phase -- to kick out the zero-star offenders by January 2020. And by the year 2024, transport companies will need to hit the three-star level before being allowed in.

Mayor Khan said: "I’m determined to ensure the most dangerous zero star-rated lorries are removed from our roads completely by 2020. Our ground-breaking Direct Vision Standard will be the first of its kind in the world, directly addressing the issue of lethal driver blind-spots. I’m also proud that TfL will lead by example and will not use any zero-star lorries in its supply chain from the new financial year." [London.gov]

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