Designers' Skinny New Seats Can Squeeze 30 Per Cent More People on Trains

By Gary Cutlack on at

The solution to fitting more people on trains won't shock you. It involves making the bases of the seats narrower, so instead of relaxing in a spongy bucket that's been continually reupholstered since the 1960s, we may one day all be perching on the edge of a thing, as if all the commuters in the world have been made to sit on the naughty step.

The concept for the train seat of the future comes from London design team PriestmanGoode, which calls its idea the Horizon seat. Seat is perhaps too kind a word for it, though, as it's more like the sort of step you might find leading up to a mezzanine bunk bed in a canal boat or a Zone 1 bedsit. Here it is:

At least it might be the sort of hybrid between standing and sitting that might be better for us, seeing as sitting down all day is now supposed to be such a killer. And those slots in the tray so you can prop up your device and consume content throughout the trip will please people who don't use travel time as imagination time.

Of course, it's just a concept put together by the designers at the moment. No one's bought it yet, so people stuck on Midland Mainline for several hours a day will continue to enjoy normal old armchair seats for the time being. [Dezeen]

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