Doctors Say Sex With the Lights on is Best

By Gary Cutlack on at

A certain subset of men with low sex drives have found that exposure to bright light may improve the end result of a sexual encounter, with the simple addition of a light box raising the testosterone levels and sex-doing powers of subjects.

Researchers at the University of Siena in Italy had quite the time working it all out, experimenting with 38 men who'd been referred to doctors due to displaying a lack of interest in sex. The men were split into two groups, both of which were zapped with light for half an hour every morning for two weeks, with one light outputting at a much brighter level than the other.

The miracle result that you just won't believe? Sexual satisfaction scores after treatment were three times higher in the group of men exposed to the higher levels of light, along with corresponding increases in testosterone levels.

So after years of scare stories about the danger of light exposure, it might be time to start turning up the brightness on phones and tablets if you want to gain some sort of sexual edge. [BBC]

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