Facial Recognition Software Can Find Your Dream Webcam Sex Performer

By Gary Cutlack on at

A business operating in the thrilling webcam sex industry has come up with an interesting way of selling its, er, products, by letting users use facial recognition tools to track down a sex performer who looks like someone you know or like, or hate and want to see shamed.

Selling itself with the amazing strapline "Find a live sex doppelganger of someone you know!" it's a really quite grim offering.

The idea is presumably that you might take a secret photo of a lady you like then use it as a basis to find someone who looks like her -- but is willing to sit there and take her clothes off and say the things you tell her to say and put her body in the shapes you command in exchange for cash.

It's the idea of Megacams.me and we'll save you from temptation by not turning that into a hyperlink. But seeing as it's my JOB, I've looked for you.

You have to upload a photo and provide an email address, and there's currently a backlog of 17,025 images waiting to be processed, so it might be some time before your photo of Karen Gillan in that Jumanji outfit is pinged back to you with a list of candidate lookalikes. [TechCrunch]

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