Flushing Liquid Mercury Down a Toilet Is Spectacular

By Gizmodo on at

I love this new video from Cody’s Lab about flushing liquid mercury down a toilet, because it just gets more and more ridiculous as it goes on.

The video first starts by trying to flush a bottle cap full of mercury. That goes down a little too easily. So he adds an entire bottle’s worth of mercury into the toilet. That doesn’t get flushed down. But he doesn’t stop there.

Cody adds even more mercury to the toilet, and then tries to flush it all down. That breaks the toilet with a clog of epic proportions. Seeing him try to unclog a toilet filled with mercury is fun enough, but he decides to up the ante by filling the toilet tank with mercury. That is, he replaced all the water in the toilet tank with mercury so that he could flush mercury with more mercury. It looks really cool.