Google Abandons Project Ara's Modular Smartphone Concept

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google is said to have suddenly shelved all Project Ara development, deciding rather wisely, albeit a bit late in the day, that making a modular smartphone out of bits people plug together isn't perhaps the best, or most likely to lead to massive profits, of ideas.

According to Reuters today, Google's Ara team has been really quite ironically broken to pieces and redistributed within the company, as part of a fresh attempt to streamline the hardware ambitions of the tech giant. The modular phone idea isn't entirely dead, though. The news site's source said that Ara's technology may live on through licensing agreements put in place with other tech companies. As in, Google's decided it's a terrible idea and is trying to sell it to someone else, perhaps hoping it might be able to get Samsung to throw a few billion its way for one of its castoffs.

Which is all quite the turnaround from earlier this year, when Ara was being demonstrated to developers at the company's I/O event, ahead of a supposed limited release this year. [Reuters]

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