Google and Salesforce Reportedly Want to Buy Twitter

By James O Malley on at

Could Twitter be about to become the latest high profile tech acquisition? New rumours suggest that the bird is about to be caged by a corporate suitor.

CBNC reports that both Google and Salesforce are considering putting in formal bids for the company - which currently has a market value of almost $16bn. So to get the company, either would have to spend an enormous amount of cash.

Twitter's board of directors is apparently thought keen to sell the company, because for the past few years the company has been struggling. Despite providing the world's cultural background noise, they've never been able to make it particularly profitable compared to the likes of Facebook, and user growth has been relatively sluggish.

When news of the rumours broke, Twitter's shares soared by 15% as investors rush to get some of that sweet, sweet Google cash (or that slightly less thrilling Salesforce cash). It wouldn't be the biggest deal of its kind though: In 2014 Facebook paid around $19bn for WhatsApp, and earlier this year Microsoft splashed out an insane £26bn for spam-email generator LinkedIn.

It's interesting that Google and Salesforce are the companies mentioned. As CNBC notes, both are thought to be interested not because Twitter is a media company, but because of the data underneath it. If Twitter's database could be fully analysed, it would mean that Google will learn even more about us - or that Salesforce will have even more valuable customer insights.

At this point it's unclear whether either deal will actually happen, though here's hoping that the new owner won't make stupid decisions and ruin what is currently a decent product. [CNBC]