Google's Adds an Icognito Search Mode on iOS

By Tom Pritchard on at

Even if you're on the go, there are times when you don't want your search history hanging around (I do hope you're very subtle about it, though). Chrome's Incognito Mode is a great tool for this, and now it's been added to iOS's Google Search App.

So now it's easy for you to open up disposable searches on your phone, and any snoopers won't be able to see that you've been looking for My Little Pony streaming sites. But that is not all. Google's also implemented a TouchID locking system, so you can come back to a search later and not have to worry about anyone else seeing it. On your phone that might not be a huge issue, but if you share an iPad with other people it could save a few awkward moments.

Also in the new update is the option to jump straight into an incognito search with 3D Touch, along with a bunch of the usual stability fixes and increased compatibility with iOS 10. [Google via Engadget]