Google's October 4th Event Could Be MASSIVE, Maybe

By James O Malley on at

Just what is Google planning to announce on October 4th? Media invitations went out for the event last week, but now there's rumours and speculation that this won't be just a run of the mill "new phone" announcement, but could be something more fundamental.

IBTimes reckons that the announcement could finally see the long-expected marriage of Android and Chrome OS, thought to be called "Andromeda", which would mean that Google has a platform where developers could write one app and have it run on everything from phones, to tablets, to Chromebook laptops.

The two operating systems have been getting closer for a while - with the most recent updates to Chrome OS adding the Google Play store and support for running Android apps on Chromebooks. Similarly, on the Android side we've seen devices like the Google Pixel C, a tablet that comes with a keyboard, increasingly look like a laptop form-factor. It seems inevitable that Google will eventually want them to run the same underlying software.

Fuel has been thrown on to the rumour fire by Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google's Senior Vice-President who is in charge of the two platforms, as well as Google Play. Over the weekend he tweeted:

That's quite a bold statement given that all we were previously expecting was two new phones, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL - which while interesting new devices, didn't previously appear to be that earth-shattering.

We'll find out for sure what is happening on the 4th October - and Giz UK will be at the launch for full coverage. [IBTimes]