Guy Builds a Water-Cooled 72,000-Lumen Torch And Boy Is It Bright

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Unimpressed with the torches sold at your local camping shop? Need to be able to spot foxes at night from five miles away on your next camping trip? Just do what YouTube hacker Samm Sheperd did and build your own using eight 100-watt LED chips that produce somewhere around 72,000 lumens.

Guy Builds a Water-Cooled 72,000-Lumen Flashlight And Boy Is It Bright

For comparison, the digital cinema projectors used in modern cinemas only produce around 35,000 lumens of light. And if you’re wondering if a handheld torch this bright gets hot, the answer is an emphatic yes, which is why Sheperd actually had to incorporate a water-cooling system into its design to prevent it from melting down while in use. [YouTube via The Awesomer]