Here's the Reason Why You Can't Photocopy Money

By Casey Chan on at

If you have ever attempted a life as a counterfeiter, or done a stupid school project where you tried to print your own money, you already know this: you can’t make a proper copy of any type of paper money, no matter the denomination. So, as we in Britain welcome the new style plastic £5 note, which is apparently harder than ever to fake, let's take a quick look back at this clever tech.

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For older bills, it was because of the Eurion constellation (seen in the above GIF), which is an order of dots that appears on pretty much every major currency. Today, there’s a new counterfeit deterrence system which includes the Eurion constellation but also has other mysterious forces at work.

Wendover Productions details the many laws that make it nearly impossible for a normal person to make a copy of money (or even edit it in Photoshop). It’s pretty entertaining.

This post was originally published in June, 2016, but has been edited and republished to celebrate the arrival of the New Fiver.