Home Office Hoping a Passport Colour Change Gets Kids Excited About Brexit

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Yesterday we had EU travel visas, today it’s passports. The Home Office has suggested that the colour of British passports could change as a consequence of the decision to leave the EU, with blue potentially set to make a comeback.

Responding to a query from Conservative MP Julian Knight, Home Office minister Robert Goodwill confirmed that British passports no longer need to be reddish in colour, adding, “We are considering potential changes to the UK passport after the UK has left the European Union. At this early stage we have not undertaken a detailed cost benefit analysis or made any decisions about what a future UK passport might look like.”

Naturally, that’s made older people yearn for the colour scheme of yesteryear. Blue passports were first issued in 1921, with burgundy coming into play over 60 years later in 1988.

“Oooh, a blue travel book thing would look so much more lit than burgundy with my new hi-tech mobile telephone, fam,” is how the people in charge no doubt hope young people react to the news, their fears about the future replaced by pure, uncontrollable excitement. The Home Office has clearly been watching a lot of recent smartphone launches.

Knight actually responded to the Home Office hints with unbridled joy, probably because he knows the Conservative party would be able to build killer campaigns around blue passports for years to come. "The blue passport is a symbol of our independence as a strong, proud nation,” he said.

"I don't see any additional problems or extra cost from changing the colour of the passport, but clearly we can't put on the front of the passport that we are a member of the European Union, because we won't be soon. I just think it would be a symbol of our independence as a country and accepting a new era." [Independent]

Image: Diana Susselman via Flickr