How Much Does Your Favourite Video Game Character's Outfit Cost?

By Casey Chan on at

Video game characters have it easy: they never have to change clothes. Whether they’re saving the world or just catching Pokemon, our heroes—Master Chief, Link, Mario, Samus Aran — are always wearing the same damn thing. But their outfits aren’t always cheap. Master Chief’s techy outfit can cost over a £70 million. Even Link’s elf get-up would set you back over close to a grand. Not everybody can just wear a tie and eat bananas like Donkey Kong.

Here’s a totally silly exercise from Sunglass Warehouse that estimates the cost of a video game character’s outfit. They cleverly try to find real world replacements for things like Navi for Link (a drone) and use real projects like the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS) for Master Chief to somewhat base it in our economics. All I know is that

How Much Does Your Favorite Video Game Character's Outfit Cost?