How to Sigh and Tut Your Way Through Apple's Live iPhone 7 Reveal Tonight

By Gary Cutlack on at

The internet will be literally unbearable for large portions of this evening and well into tomorrow morning, because Apple's doing that thing it does once a year when it confirms all the things that Chinese factory workers have been telling us for the last eight months. There's a new iPhone. It will be the same and better.

As ever, the revealing of the phone will be live-streamed, so fans can sob with joy, live, as the conflicting emotions of being told their current phone is now officially a 12-month-old piece of shit but their next new phone is going to be amazing flood in.

If you want to watch the live stream through official channels, you'll be needing to follow Apple's laughably arbitrary rules which state that you must be using either an Apple computer with Safari installed, or Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge. It's like it doesn't really want a certain group of people to watch what it's doing. You can also watch it through iOS or an Apple TV.

If you're a normal/poor person with a Huawei and a Dell running Windows 7 and only a passing interest in Apple because it's all other people ever talk about, you're not welcome. So you'll have to look for an unofficial stream made available by someone who's filming the display of a certified device, or sit on the internet watching the live blogs unfold.

It's usually possible to import the stream address in VLC Player on the desktop if you must, plus fiddling with user-agent browser extensions if you're using Chrome can trick Apple's servers into thinking you're actually on its side.

Be there or be doing something more productive, like cleaning out the gutters. [Apple]

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