HTC Has Launched Viveport, a VR App Store for Everything But Games

By Tom Pritchard on at

Virtual Reality is for more than just playing games, but the smaller experiences could easily be lost in the depths of Steam's catalogue. Oculus Rift has its own dedicated App Store, and as of today so does the HTC Vive.

While the Vive's gaming catalogue will remain firmly part of Steam, everything else will be made available through Viveport. That means art, creativity tools, education apps, exploration windows, and all the other little things that don't count as 'proper games' will be stored there.

Examples include a VR cinema experience, the option to explore Mars, VR sketching tools, and a drum kit that won't piss off everyone in the surrounding area. As with Steam, there's also a community aspect for people to connect with other Vive owners.

The press release also has one rather mysterious comment from Viveport President Rikard Steiber. It teases unlimited content for people willing to jump through some social media and puzzle-based hoops, so there's solving that to look forward to.

For now, though, you can see what Viveport has to offer right here. Make sure to have your credit cards ready. [Viveport via Engadget, CNET]