iPhone 7 Users Not Happy With Another Thing Today

By Gary Cutlack on at

People who weakly submitted to peer pressure and bought an iPhone 7 already are finding plenty of minor things to complain about on the internet, with today's thing being an apparent bug in the official Apple wired Lightning EarPods.

According to reports from people not using an £85 Doogee X5 Max Pro as their main phone, the bug kicks in once the wired Lightning EarPods have been left attached to the iPhone 7 for a few minutes -- as you may well do should you want to listen to more than the first three-quarters of one song.

After a short while of being plugged in, according to high-functioning Apple users, the control dongle simply stops responding. This means the music continues to play, but there's no way to control it through the strap button, plus support for answering calls via the dongle and -- ha ha, as if -- using Siri also breaks.

Apparently it's quite an intermittent glitch, which is the worst kind of bug, but is easily solved by unplugging the things and plugging them back in again. A practise Apple would like to ban. [Business Insider]

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