ITV Moving the News At Ten - For A US-style Chat Show

By James O Malley on at

The world feels more complicated than ever what with Brexit, Donald Trump and climate change. But ITV has now decided that there's something more important: Celebrity viral videos.

The Independent reports that the channel is planning to ditch the news from its time slot and instead replace it with a US style chatshow modelled on James Corden's inexplicably successful show Late Late Show on CBS - with a bit of Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway thrown in for good measure.

It's the latest attempt by a UK broadcaster to create a successful weeknight chat show - a format that has been a mainstay of American television for decades, but one that has not found much success on this side of the Atlantic.

Apparently the plan is to move the news for eight weeks for a 40 show trial run, to see if it can pick up any steam - and if so, it could permanently bump the news back to 10:30pm. The big hope is that the "celebrity focused" show will lead to some big viral hits for ITV - much in the same way that Corden has outgrown his post-midnight broadcast footprint through the success of Carpool Karaoke and other segments on the show.

And as for a presenter? ITV's plan it apparently ape the Have I Got News For You model of having guest presenters rather than a fixed host - which sounds like a recipe for wildly inconsistent programming to us.

Around the turn of the millennium the News at Ten was famously dubbed the "News at When?" following an unusual scheduling arrangement that saw the bulletin broadcast at 10pm on some weeknights, but regularly moved around on others - to the cause of much confusion.

The new show is set to launch next year. [Independent]