Laura Trott Strikes Gold With Carphone Warehouse iPhone 7 Endorsement

By James O Malley on at

Laura Trott and her partner, Jason Kenny, may have struck gold at the Rio Oympics, but what good is all of that respect and national treasure status, if you can't use it to monetise your personal brand and cash in after?

So it must come as welcome news to the Trott/Kenny household that they won't need to melt down their medals to eat - as Carphone Warehouse has stumped up the cash to book them as delivery drivers.

The promotional wheeze has them set to get on their bikes and deliver an iPhone 7 - alongside Carphone's regular fleet of couriers. In a quote that was definitely made up for the press release and never actually uttered by Jason Kenny, he said:

“Black may be the favourite colour for the new iPhone 7 but it's gold when it comes to Carphone Warehouse's delivery service. I'm looking forward to making sure customers are among the first in the UK to get a new handset.”

Meanwhile rumours we've just started suggest that in response Samsung has signed up the chap who rode the Keirin motorbike to promote the Galaxy Note 7, as the company wanted someone who is used to false starts.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus launch on September 16th, and Carphone Warehouse is offering a guaranteed £200 trade in on any iPhone 6 brought in before the end of the month. We're looking forward to more Olympians selling out to The Man already.