London Buses Get Built-In USB Phone Chargers

By James O Malley on at

London buses have just become a little bit more convenient, as a two routes are getting new buses with USB phone chargers built into the seats. So if you need some extra juice en route, you might be in luck.

London SE1 reports that commuters on the 507 and 521 bus routes are the lucky ones. There's going to be 51 new vehicles on the two South London routes, which service Victoria-to-Waterloo and London Bridge-to-Waterloo, respectively.

Image: London SE1

Each single decker bus will have 12 ports - which will no doubt become the most desirable seats.

The even better news is that the new buses are also fully electric, which are being introduced following what were presumably successful trials in 2013. The buses have been build by Chinese firm BYD at a cost of £19m - or around £370,000 each.

We're looking forward to the conspiracy theories about the government using the ports to monitor our mobile activity already. [London SE1]