London Chef Apologises for Calling a Customer an Imbecile on TripAdvisor

By Gary Cutlack on at

London chef and former finalist in TV cook 'em up Masterchef Adam Handling has been forced to apologise, after going a bit too far in responding to a customer who left his restaurant a bad review on public travel opinions site TripAdvisor.

The three-star review left by the reviewer of The Frog in Shoreditch said it was overpriced -- presumably he was new to London's bespoke all-you-can-afford pricing schemes -- adding that: "Chef is trying hard to make it look fancy and new, but several meals were either bland, or just way too salty," also criticising the service and moaning that the two diners' meals arrived at different times.

Which infuriated Handling, who replied with: "You are the prime example of an imbecile. If you think that we are over priced you lead a very sad life," also suggesting that the diner never returns and saying he should "stick in Mcdonalds."

Oh but now he's sorry about all that, saying, because a big fuss kicked off, that: "In hindsight, I wouldn't have written this response at all, and I have since apologised for my use of language to the person concerned. But as chefs, particularly ones in the public eye, we open ourselves up to criticism and I'm fast learning that opinion can and will be divided at times." [Standard]

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