London 'Hopper' Tickets to Cut Bus and Tram Travel Prices From Next Week

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is still going big on public transport, announcing that those so-called ‘Hopper’ tickets for buses and trams will be introduced next Monday.

T the plan is to essentially cap all city bus travel to £1.50, as long as trips are completed within an hour. Passengers will be allowed to change routes without incurring additional charges for separate buses, a move that could see an estimated 30 million bus journeys in the capital become free. The new ticket will automatically apply to anyone who uses a contactless credit/debit card or pay as you go on an Oyster.

“From my first week as Mayor, I was determined to get on with the job of cutting the cost of transport in London," said Khan. "I’m delighted to announce that from next Monday, the ‘Hopper’ ticket will allow Londoners to change buses for free within an hour, cutting travel costs for millions of bus users.

“Fares in London have risen for eight years in a row – and for people who have to change buses to get to work, the system simply isn’t fair. We must ensure that everyone can afford to travel around our city, and for people on low incomes, the cost of travel must never become a barrier to work or study.”

You won’t be able to switch buses (or trams) as many times as you wish, however. Initially, the Hopper fare only allows one extra free journey per hour, with unlimited transfers (still within an hour) planned for 2018. [MayorWatch]