Londoners Feel a Bit Sad and Worthless

By Gary Cutlack on at

A nationwide survey that asked people how happy or sad or useful they feel has dumped the population of London right at the bottom of the contentedness list, showing that despite having all the shops and coffee and beards they're not a particularly happy bunch.

The data comes from the Annual Population Survey conducted by the Office for National Statistics. It asked people whether they felt happy, suffered from anxiety and felt like their existence was worthwhile. The depressing answers showed that there's not a massive variation across the UK, with the UK average worthwhile-ness average standing at 7.84 -- and most of London's boroughs coming in below that.

The people of Northern Ireland, Devon and the more rural parts of Scotland scored highest, if you're thinking of moving away from it all to somewhere where you might be able to buy somewhere bigger to live in than a box a fridge came in.

The ONS' director of wellbeing Abbie Self said of the data: "Life satisfaction has increased over the past year, which is what one might expect given the improvements seen in the economy and record high employment during that period. However, what is more surprising is that there is no change over the same time in people’s happiness, anxiety and feeling that what they do in life is worthwhile."

Just buy a new phone. That'll make everything OK for a bit. [ONS via Standard]

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