Mary Rose's Horde Salvaged Again for the Internet Age

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new exhibit exposing finds pulled out of the sea when they dragged up the Mary Rose has been launched, and the good news is you don't have to leave home or feel pressured to make a donation – it's all online.

The thinking behind the 3D Mary Rose is to see if supplying high-definition 3D models of finds is of any use to researchers and historians, as, if everyone can do all their academic stuff using only a data file, that'd certainly cut down on educational carbon miles. Load up the 3D skull and there's a really quite amazing amount of detail on offer, showing all the rotten lumpy bits of the teeth, the lumpy bits inside and the other lumpy bits around the edges, and the lumpy bits outside. It's extraordinarily lumpy all over the shop.

And there are ten other things to examine the lumps of in the 3D exhibit, with Richard Johnston, a materials scientist from Swansea University and one person behind the project, wanting to see if looking at HD scans of exhibits elicits the same sort of excitement and feedback as seeing the things in the flesh. [Mary Rose 3D via Guardian]

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