Motorola Wants You to Make Your Own Moto Z Mods

By Tom Pritchard on at

The dream of a Project Ara-style modular phone is dead and buried, but other manufacturers have started implementing similar ideas in a much smaller fashion. Motorola's Moto Z is a good example of this, and now it's offering people the chance to develop their own mods for the phone.

While the in-house mods for the Moto Z have been fairly typical, the newly announced Moto Mods Developer Kit is a way of letting people get the most out of the new feature - and ignite some creative fire at the same time.

The kit is exactly what you'd expect it to be: all the pieces you need to create your own working Moto Z mod. Included is a 'reference mod' (read: mini computer) that comes with all the essential input and output ports, plus 364 solder points to take advantage of. So it sounds a bit like the Raspberry Pi, and like the Pi Motorola will be releasing a number of different add-ons and sample mods to showcase a little bit of what can be done.

The key point here is that Motorola is letting anyone buy the kit, rather than only giving developers access. That's a pretty sensible idea in my opinion, since regular people are more likely to invest some time creating things just for fun. Devs, on the other hand, have to think with their wallets - limiting things somewhat.

The Moto Mods Developer Kit available to buy in Europe right now, and costs £100. That gets you the basics, so if you want any of the add-ons or sample mods, you're going to have to get them separately. You'll also need a Moto Z to use them with, naturally. [Motorola via Slashgear]