New Galaxy Note 7 Reportedly Overheats and Loses Power While Charging

By Tom Pritchard on at

Samsung's having a pretty shitty time of late. First the Galaxy Notes start exploding, forcing a messy recall, and now the Korean launch of the phablet has been delayed because of more problems.

So what the hell is the problem now? Apparently the new Note 7 devices are having issues with overheating, and continue to lose power after they're plugged into charge. The new incidents seem to be contained to South Korea, prompting Samsung to delay the phone's launch by another three days. That wouldn't be good for any phone, but at least people won't be getting maimed by these problems.

It's looking more and more like Samsung's latest has been cursed in someway, possibly because someone decided to skip the Note 6 and jump straight to 7.

At least people seem to be happy with their purchases. Samsung claims that 90 per cent of people who returned their possibly explosive Note 7 chose to have a replacement instead of a full refund. [Wall Street Journal via Slashgear]