New iPhone 7 Rumours Say it Comes in Black and a Blacker Black

By Gary Cutlack on at

KGI Securities, an analyst with past form for correctly guesstimating future Apple technology releases, has outed more on what it expects Apple to offer come iPhone 7 reveal day, including the amazing fact that it might come in not just one but two types of black.

KGI says there might be a model that comes in the traditional glossy "piano black" option, sold alongside a newer, blacker model said to be described by Apple as "dark black." Perhaps it'll be a matte black, or will have more blacker bits and buttons, or might come with a black cable and in a black box. That's got to be worth an extra £60.

The analyst also says we should expect to see five colours of iPhone 7 in total, with an entry level storage capacity of 32GB joined by 128GB and 256GB options for the big spenders who photograph all the foodstuffs they go near. An iPhone 7 Plus will come with 3GB of RAM and the posh new dual camera system, they say, while the smaller model will come with 2GB; with the show powered by an A10 processor clocked as high as 2.45GHz.

And it might all be IP-rated for water resistance, whether or not Apple chooses to advertise it as such. [MacRumors]

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