New Movie Poster Says We Should All Be Lego Batman

By Beth Elderkin on at

The Lego Batman Movie has a new poster, and it looks like Batman's been shopping for some inspirational t-shirt quotes.

The Lego Batman poster harkens back to the classic poster meme that’s graced many a college sophomore’s dorm: “Always Be Yourself, Unless You Can Be Batman.” As cheesy and clichéd as that sounds, it fit perfectly with Will Arnett’s version of the Dark Knight, who made his hilarious debut in The Lego Movie. In his upcoming starring role, Batman will have to work with others and “lighten up” if he wants to stop the Joker from taking over the city. He’ll be joined by Michael Cera’s Robin and Rosario Dawson’s Batgirl to take on Zach Galifianiakis as Joker.

Warner Bros. released the poster to celebrate Batman Day, a holiday DC Comics made up three years ago so they could spend 24 hours promoting Batman stuff. Contrived as it may seem, that didn’t stop Marvel vets like Stan Lee (who has worked with DC before) and Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 director James Gunn from celebrating with class, including this pretty spectacular BatGroot and Robin Racoon pic.

The Lego Batman Movie comes out Feb. 10, 2017, with Ninjago coming out the following September. The Lego Movie sequel has been pushed back to 2019. [Entertainment Weekly]