New US Combo Grenade Hurts People in Two Exciting Ways

By Gary Cutlack on at

The US Army is developing a new type of hand grenade, to make it a little bit easier to blow people up in a variety of real world environments.

The new death ball will have the ability to operate as either a fragmentation device or a blast pressure unit, with -- we imagine -- a button on it to switch between the two modes. And maybe an app and a slot for a memory card. We just don't know yet.

Work is still in progress, with engineers at Picatinny Arsenal taking their time to get it right, as they say it's the first new type of hand grenade to be developed in 40 years. And it comes with a cool name. The Enhanced Tactical Multi-Purpose hand grenade will give soldier the option of blowing people to pieces or setting it to concussion mode to take out enemies without causing quite so much collateral damage.

They're also designed to be ambidextrous, so left-handed fighters won't have to learn special throwing techniques to get them through the letterboxes of the bad people of the day. They're hoped to be in service by 2020. [BBC]

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