Night Tube Northern Line To Launch on 18th November, Supposedly

By James O Malley on at

It appears that the Northern Line will be joining the London Underground's Friday and Saturday overnight "Night Tube" service in less than two months.

The news comes courtesy of the BBC's Tom Edwards, who cites staff as his source for the claim - which has so far not been confirmed by Transport for London.

(The same date was also mysteriously tweeted last night by uber-Tube nerd Geoff Marshall.)

This would mean that the Northern Line becomes the fourth line to begin overnight services at the weekend, following the launch of the Victoria and Central services on August 19th, and the Jubilee Line, which is scheduled to start on October 7th.

However, it won't be the entire line. Given that nobody visits the City at weekends, only the Charing Cross branch will be on the service, going all the way to Morden, and all the way up to High Barnet and Edgware (though sorry Mill Hill East residents, you're out of luck too).

The Piccadilly Line is also set to join the Night Tube "this Autumn" as the fifth and final line on the service, though no date has yet been announced.

Update (12:13): TfL have got in touch to say that the date hasn't yet been confirmed - a spokesperson told me that “We’re looking forward to introducing Night Tube services on the Northern line as soon as possible this autumn. We are currently working through options on dates and will announce the launch date as soon as it is confirmed.”

However, given that Edwards cites "staff", it would imply that the people on the ground are being told differently, or at least preparing for a specific target date. And we'd guess that the press office are not going to confirm anything for sure until they're certain that they can meet whatever date is announced, in order to avoid the problems that Boris faced.